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Mgb race car for sale – Jaguar race cars for sale.

Mgb Race Car For Sale

mgb race car for sale

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1963 Elva Courier Mk III

1963 Elva Courier Mk III

1963 Elva Courier Mk III

Lotus Twin Cam dual Webers
1720cc Stage II 5 speed
1350 lbs Fibreglass
160 hp

Elva Courier
Elva Courier Elva Courier
Manufacturer Elva
Production 1958-1969
500 approx made
Class sports car
Wheelbase 90 in (2286 mm)
Length 154 in (3912 mm)
Width 60 in (1524 mm)

The main road car, introduced in 1958, was called the Courier and went through a series of developments throughout the existence of the company. Initially all the cars were exported, home market sales not starting until 1960. [11] Mark Donohue had his first racing successes in an Elva Courier winning the SCCA F Prod Championship in 1960 and the SCCA E Prod Championship in 1961.

The Mk 1 used a 1500 cc MGA or Riley 1.5 litre engine in a ladder chassis with Elva designed independent front suspension. The engine was set well back in the chassis to help weight distribution which produced good handling but encroached on the cockpit making the car a little cramped.The chassis carried lightweight 2 seater open glass fibre bodywork. It was produced as a complete car for the US and European market and available in kit form for the UK market. After about 50 cars were made it was upgraded to the Mk II which was the same car but a proprietary curved glass windscreen, replacing the original flat glass V-shaped one and the larger 1600 cc MGA engine. Approximately 400 of the Mk I and II were made

With the Trojan takeover the Mk III was introduced in 1962 and was sold as a complete car. On the home market a complete car cost £965 or the kit version £716. The chassis was now a box frame moulded into the body. Triumph rack and pinion steering and front suspension was standardised. A closed coupé body was also available with either a reverse slope Ford Anglia type rear window or a fastback. The MGA engine was used at first to be followed by the MGB version and later the Ford Cortina GT unit was available. The final version, the fixed head coupé Mk IV T type used Lotus twin cam engines with the body modified to give more interior room. It could be had with all independent suspension and four wheel disc brakes. 210 were made

Mercedes Race Car, 1907

Mercedes Race Car, 1907
This Mercedes race car from 1907 features one of the first 6-cylinder engines in the world, designed by Wilhelm Maybach himself.
The photograph was taken at the "Holy Halls" of the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, where they keep the lots of cars currently not on exhibition. In the background you might notice two "Streamliner" bodies and the chassis of a 220.
mgb race car for sale